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Implement cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, simply. Without any explicit modelling and coding required.

Democratization of AI is not a Myth. 

Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Data-Driven Optimization. All these powerful technologies are available right at the fingertips of leaders of enterprise innovation! 

Fast. Affordable. Sustainable.

Accelerated innovation cycles, faster prototyping and testing, immediate business results, budget-friendly development, minimized non-value-added effort. In brief, that's AI as a Service.

AI as a Service

Quant Co’s AI as a Service products set help innovation leaders at enterprises who have limited or no AI skillset in their team to build their own data-driven and intelligent control and prediction solutions in a pretty simple and fast way,   using pre-built yet customizable models than can self-train.

Step.1: Customize a model according to your business case problem

Get help from the virtual Modeling Assistant in defining the right pre-built model and customizing it based on your business case needs. For certain use cases, you can benefit from off-the-shelf models that require almost no customization. 

Step.2: Model self-trains to adjust itself to your business case and its dataset

The customized model that suits the needs of your business case self-trains in order to fine-tune its set of parameters that results in the best solution for your business case problem.

Step.3: Once the training is done, deploy the model and scale your application

Not months, not weeks. In a couple of days or even hours, your proprietary model will be ready to deploy, to get immediate results and feedback and after that to scale for commercialization.

Industry Applications

Energy | Power & Heating

Personalize Energy Service and

Tackle Decentralization Challenges. 

Provide hyper-personalized heat and power services for enhanced comfort with the least possible cost. 

Forecast electricity load demand, optimize battery charging policy with respect to fluctuating solar power and set a dynamic pricing strategy for e-mobility services.

Related use cases:

Forecasting uncertain load and supply

Load disaggregation and behavioural analysis of energy consumption

Heat loss/gain estimations and peak demand optimization, e.g., peak management at district heating networks

Real-time control, e.g., battery charging, frequency response

Operations scheduling, e.g., e-mobility fleet charging

Optimized energy consumption for reduced carbon footprint 

Predictive maintenance for boilers

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & E-Commerce

Stay Lean with Minimal Inventory and Manage Resources Efficiently.

Redefine inventory management, dynamically optimize inventory levels and become robust to unforeseen business conditions.

Implement resource optimization through predictive analytics in order to autonomously fix inefficiencies to maximize budget utilization.

Related use cases:

Demand and trend forecasting 

Optimized job scheduling 

Robust inventory management under uncertain demand

Intelligent auto-scaling in dynamic cloud environments for e-commerce

Real-time bidding optimization in online display advertisement

Predictive maintenance for the machinery

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