Enterprise AI


Build and implement cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) without a single line of Python or any other programming language code. 

Democratization of AI is not a Myth! 

Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Data-Driven Optimization. All right at your fingertips! No programming or AI expertise needed. Quant Co makes this powerful technology accessible to everyone. Just describe your problem and provide data; you can then have a coffee.

Fast. Cheap. Sustainable.

Don't spend months to build models from scratch. Benefit from pre-trained models. Implement fast, get immediate business results, keep AI costs low and iterate as much as you want. 

Industry Applications


Ensure Supply-Load Balance

Forecast electricity load demand, optimize battery (dis)charging policy with respect to fluctuating market prices and learn the best trading strategy for a Vehicle-to-Grid service.

Data Centres and Cloud Computation

Distribute Workload, Conserve Energy

Implement server optimization through predictive analytics in order to distribute workload across various servers and autonomously fix inefficiencies to reduce energy consumption

Smart Buildings/Homes and Comfort

Manage Energy with No Comfort Loss

Provide AI-enhanced personalized & intelligent energy services that simultaneously minimize the cost of energy and maximize comfort.


Stay Lean with Minimal Inventory

Redefine inventory management, dynamically optimize inventory levels and become robust to unforeseen business conditions.


Create a Digital Treasury

Anticipate expected daily cash flow volumes and optimize intraday and end-of-day liquidity reserves. 

Ready to build your own solution?

Build and deploy cutting-edge deep learning models without any programming effort. A simple, fast, sustainable and cost-effective way of untapping AI’s potential!


Quant Co - Enterprise AI Simplified.



Smart Buildings/Homes and Comfort




Data Centres and Cloud Computation



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