Vattenfall’s District Heating Meets Artificial Intelligence

Vattenfall and Quant Co collaborate to provide an AI-enhanced and personalized heating service to the apartments connected to Vattenfall’s district heating network in Gustavsberg, Sweden.

Vattenfall and Quant Co kicked-off their first pilot project with the goal of bringing Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) power to district heating networks and create hyper-personalized heating services. Vattenfall, one of the leading energy companies in Europe, utilizes Quant Co’s product designed for simple and fast AI development and creates the intelligence software required for offering an effortless comfort to their customers in Gustavsberg. Quant Co, the startup that democratizes AI for the energy industry, provides pre-trained Deep Learning models for precise heat demand forecasting and Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Robust Optimization models for optimal control of thermostats as well as use case specific engineering and product development support. Quant Co’s product contains off-the-shelf models which then can be customized according to the present business case and algorithms behind the scenes copes with complex control and prediction problems. In the Gustavsberg case, they find out the best schedule for each and every flat enabling Vattenfall to achieve cost and carbon footprint reduction results through peak heat demand shaving while maintaining tenants’ comfort. Utmost personalization can be achieved with RL as this AI technology is capable of exploring and exploiting individual’s comfortable temperature ranges.

As the energy value chain becomes more decentralized and digital, energy providers are looking for ways to create hyper-personalized, effortless and interactive customer experiences. AI will make it easy for the next generation to live a fossil-free life and help the players in the ecosystem to create new value-added services.

"Vattenfall and Quant Co as partners are creating a digitized, personal and user-friendly customer experience that we are testing together with our district heating customers in Gustavsberg. Together we can help our customers manage their consumption in an easier way and live fossil-free within a generation" says Ulrika Jardfelt, Vattenfall Head BU Heat Sweden.

“As is known, AI is the new electricity and it drastically redesigns business cases in the new digitalized world of utilities. Vattenfall brought us a brilliant business case reveals the advantages of AI and from the very first moment we were so excited to contribute their goal of fossil fuel-free living within one generation” says Ihsancan Ozpoyraz, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Quant Co.

The project is carried out together with Cosa, who provides connected thermostat valves to the participating apartments and customer engagement partner Eliq.

For further information please contact:

Baris Irmak

Co-Founder and VP of Growth

+90 505 786 76 07